Photogenie is a wholly owned subsidiary of KHL Printing Co. Pte. Ltd. – one of Southeast Asia's largest and most established printing companies since 1978.” Tapping into the vast book-making experience and expertise of our parent company, we offer customisable, bookstore-quality photo books at affordable prices.

Based in Singapore (by magic!) and wholly owned by KHL Printing Co. Pte. Ltd., Photogenie is one of Southeast Asia's largest and most established printing companies. We are able to tap into a vast wealth of experience and expertise that gives us an edge when it comes to photo book printing and design. This also benefits our customers, giving them a great way to cherish their memories.

Our dedication to the highest possible quality is something we are fully committed to, a little obsessed about even, and for good reason. We believe that every photograph is special. It holds a unique memory that lives only in that particular photograph. By learning how to design a photo book, and using your photographs to create it, each memory becomes infinitely more precious. And every photograph becomes a piece of a larger and more beautiful story.

With our extensive book-making know-how, you'll get the most awesome photo book Singapore has; a beautifully designed photo album that your photographs and memories really deserve. We understand that a Photogenie photo book is more than a photo album. It's a deeply personalised and deeply personal keepsake. As such, we believe that it should be produced in tandem with your wishes. So make your own memories, and keep them your way today; only with Photogenie.